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About Anthony R Cruz

Born in Manhattan, NY

Lives & works in Bronx, NY


Born and raised in New York, Anthony Cruz has spent the last nine years building his career as an artist. Growing more creative and daring with each new project. He has had the privilege to work with large and small companies and independant employers. These employers include, Victory II Multimedia and Associated Press.


Anthony graduated with a Degree in Digital Media Communications and Graphic Design. His experience spans many mediums. As a Graphic Designer, he has created logos, fliers, packages and layouts. His work extends into Web and multimedia. Coding websites in HTML, CSS, Actionscript and PHP as well as generating motion graphics and animation, writing, photography and video. His portfolio continues to grow and expand as his interests grow and expand.


In recent years, Anthony has shifted his focus to Illustration and Conceptual Design. This medium cores to the film, television, comicbook and video game industries. Concept designing requires immense immagination and unique skills that is forever evolving. Concept art are the designs artist generate for characters, scenery, props and storyboards before reaching finalization. The final design may incorporate all or some of your ideas. This level of demanded creativity is what drew Anthony to this medium.


Anthony's goal is to one start and run a successfull multimedia business that stretches across all entertainment mediums. Giving new and young artists a place to express their ideas and talent.  


Big Baby New York Apparel

Illustrator- Design custom graphic images for apparel and novelty products.

GodLike Collectibles and Custom Apparel

Illustrator- Illustrated custom graphic designs for apparel and/or novelty products.


Creator's Corner

Graphic Designer/ Illustrator-

Creator's Corner Creations- Speed Painting Web Series- Digital painting of Facebook profiles using variations of art styles.

Creator's Corner Comics- Penciler, Writer of "The Terran: The Tellus Contention" comic book.

Creator's  Corner Pod Cast- "The Corner" Co-host with Nicholas Portela. Topics range across pop culture, current events and theories

Victory II Multimedia

Graphic Designer/Illustrator- Designed Fliers and Web Blasts for upcoming party events for various club and entertainment venues.


Associated Press

Graphics Assistant- Generate and proof graphics before print or upload. Light Illustration assignments and/or obiturary Portraits. Assist all print and web publications on obtaining our graphics for their editorial use.


Streets-R-Mine/ Empire Committee

Graphics Designer and Illustrator- Design a marketing and web presence to attract local communities. Create fliers, Designs for products like T-Shirts, Mugs, Buttons etc... at the specified request of the design by the consumer.


Shami Production

Graphic Designer- DVD and Disc label designer for multiple in house and third party films, instructional videos and documentaries. Create wholesale pitch pages of the production companies upcoming releases.


Pub City Productions

Graphic Designer and Illustrator- Flier, logo and web design. Generate style guides and web templates for purchase. Photography and Illustration for pending projects.




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